The Promoparma Consortium


A world in which the social, cultural and economic reality becomes increasingly varied and complex requires increasingly more articulated and better coordinated solutions towards common objectives.

The Promoparma Hoteliers Consortium, which represents a large part of the hotels in the area, is the organization promoted in 1992 by Ascom Confcommercio of Parma to coordinate tourism energies and realities operating in the city of Parma and its province.


The Promoparma Hoteliers Consortium, which operates on a non-profit basis, was created with the aim of promoting the development of tourism and the valorization of related services.

To this end, it aims to take care of the promotion and study of the development of accommodation and tourism activities, with particular regard to the province of Parma, also through collaboration with companies, bodies and organizations operating in Italy and abroad in the tourism sector.

It also takes care of the dissemination, through advertising and press campaigns, of the opportunities offered by tourism in the province of Parma and its participation in trade fair events.

It coordinates the activities of the consortium members also from an advertising point of view, carries out market research and statistics, offers services in favor of tour operators and tourists.

The Promoparma Hoteliers Consortium independently carries out all activities that are useful and necessary for achieving the objectives of the Consortium itself.


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Emio Incerti                     – President
Ferdinando D’ Esposito – Vice President
Claudio Franchini           – Board Member
Marco Alessandrini        – Board Member
Renato Baladelli              – Board Member
Cesare Mora                     – Board Member